Pēteris Vasks and 21st century latvians

In a new line-up and with new gusto, the trio Art-i-Shock return to the stage: Guna Šnē,
Agnese Egliņa and Guntars Freibergs. They offer the opportunity to experience Pēteris
Vasks's older opuses, in which we find a young artist's passion to experiment with a mature
one's depth of perception. Art-i-Shock will perform Pēteris Vasks's Toccata and Three Gazes,
which, due to the free-form notation, will never have two identical interpretations. And
alongside Vasks, three composers who used to be the master's pupils. Crystalline sounds mix
with turbulent flashes and an expressive percussion solo in Andris Dzenītis's piece Nimbus,
Platons Buravicks's Voltage mixes sounds from a ship repair station with the power of rock
music in an energetic testament to a man's creative spark; and the talented young composer
Aleksandrs Avramecs has dedicated a new score to the musical trio.


Pēteris Vasks Three Gazes / Trinity, Toccata
Andris Dzenītis Nimbus
Platons Buravickis Voltage
Aleksandrs Avramecs Lunar Shadows (premiere)


Trio “Art-i-Shock"
Guna Šnē, cello
Agnese Egliņa, piano
Guntars Freibergs, percussion